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We are a London based surf travel and surf guide entity ran by surfers from the Philippines, the UK and the US. We share our local knowledge  and provide assistance and information to surfers from all over the world, especially to surfers in the United Kingdom and Europe, who want to surf the Philippines.

The swell consistency between the months of June to November is around a good 80% with October being the exceptional month for tube aficionados. Groundswells still linger around the months of December to February and the months of March, April and May being summer and the off season.

There are two seasons in the Philippines, Amihan and Habagat.  The Amihan season is dominated by trade winds and known as a cool northeast wind, with moderate temperatures, little rainfall, and a prevailing easterly wind. This season starts around October to May/June but variations occur every year. The Habagat season, estimated around June to September, with a prevailing wind from the west or a southwest wind, is characterized by more rainfall and also known as the monsoon season.  Amihan is also known as the start of the northly swell season for surfers, and Habagat being  the southerly swell.

Do contact us if you want to surf the Philippines, or if want to be accompanied by one or two of our local surfer friends who could be your surf guide as well, but it’s optional of course.  We also could organise packages and can arrange tailor made surf trips or tours, based around your level of surfing and preferences. We could point you to  ideal spots that will compliment your surfing ability.

We can also hook you up with surf lessons, equipment and surfboards to visiting tourists and aspiring surfers here in the UK and in the Philippines. We are tied up with surf schools  for kids and adults alike. Individuals, couples, groups of friends, or even families are all welcome. We can cater to the needs of beginners, intermediate and advanced surfers. When surfing the Philippines, rest assured, we will direct you to ideal beach breaks, reef breaks, point breaks, river mouths, left handers, right handers, barrelling hollow waves, peelers, on the South China Sea side, as well as on the Pacific Ocean side. We arrange van transfers (especially for groups of surfers with surfboards), from the Manila International Airport/NAIA to hotels, resorts and surf spots, and could book the kind of accommodation that suits your needs best.

We could guide you to secret spots and uncrowded line ups and arrange boat trips to outer islands. If you want to experience sleeping overnight and camping in uninhabited islands, then you came to the right place. We could help you make your trip epic, stress free, memorable, easy, and comfortable.

Should there be flat spells during your holiday, we can arrange for paddle boarding, snorkelling, caving, mountainbiking, diving etc. It might be worth knowing that the Philippines have world class dive sites and swimming  with friendly whale sharks, or whale watching could be another thing we could arrange for you depending on the season.

If in London and looking for a break to the coast, perhaps to learn how to surf, or if you need a surf guide, a car, and a driver, then feel free to give us a shout and we will point you to one of our friends who could possibly do that for you.  We can also possibly offer hotel discounts in Cornwall if you allow us to book your accommodations for you, as we are tied up with surf schools and hotels in South West England.  We can also possibly assist you for ding and surfboard repairs

Our London phone numbers are open 24/7, just ring us and we’ll aim to answer all your queries and accommodate your needs. You could also email us or arrange for a meeting at our HQ in West London, just across Acton Town Underground Tube Station, Piccadilly Line.

We are located just 15 mins from London Heathrow Airport and could possibly pick you up, and help you get you and your boards to Heathrow (longboards, shortboards, mals, etc.), depending on where you are and your proximity to London.

Do hit us up for further details.

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